Teachers Lounge Welcomes Everyone to Join Their Cocktail Masterclass


"Teachers Lounge is proud to share its experience with everyone willing to open the door to the world of making cocktails and learn something new. Thus, we're very excited to announce our cocktail masterclass timed to the launching of our new spring cocktail menu. This event is a great opportunity for cocktail enthusiasts to learn from the experts and improve their cocktail-making skills. The event will be hosted by the owner Desiree Wright along with renowned mixologists who will share their extensive knowledge and experience in the world of cocktails."

Guide to Throwing a Party in a Bar


"When it comes to celebrating a special occasion with your family or loved ones, a bar can be a great venue to choose. However, before you make it happen, you need to plan every detail in advance and fully understand what your expectations are from a bar party."

Teachers Lounge Was Named One of The 7 Best Themed Bars in Seattle!


"The Teachers Lounge has been making waves in the city's bar scene. We're very proud to have recently been named one of the best themed bars in Seattle by local publications. So we want to introduce ourselves to our guests and let them know us better."

Seattle's 7 best themed bars


"Put the notion of the water cooler and brown bag away, if you've ever wondered what's it's really like in the teacher's hallowed sanctuary, look no further than this nostalgic Greenwood bar. Hop in for a scotch, sharpen that #2 and try out the Essay No. 1, which has tequila, cocchi americano, lemon juice, grapefruit bitters and absinthe. If this isn't extracurricular, we don't know what is."

The 25 Best Cocktails in Seattle

"The principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was understandably bitter and yet entertaining as hell, so it’s only fitting that his namesake cocktail adds both sharpness and light to a slightly peaty scotch. It’s a favorite, rightfully so, at this companionable Greenwood bar that pays tribute to seemingly contrary elements: spirit-forward drinks and grade-school nostalgia. There’s a hopscotch outline on the floor, a quadratic equation posted on the cooler…typical bar decor stuff. Owners Perryn and Desiree Wright were never teachers, but they are eager to provide tutelage in the charms of bittersweet cocktails that don’t require a ton of precious housemade, house-muddled elements." 

New Greenwood Bar Teachers Lounge Gets High Marks for its Cocktails

"Right off the busy intersection of 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue, lies Teachers Lounge. Owned and staffed by Perryn and Desiree Wright (he’s formerly of Cicchetti and was the original bar manager at Copper Gate, which is where she bartended and made cocktails), the Lounge is in what used to be the Greenwood Academy of Hair. While I think good hair is dandy, a good cocktail menu in this stretch of dives and beer bars scores a higher grade."

Gettin' Learned with the Teachers Lounge's Desiree Wright

Desiree Wright has served up drinks everywhere from a pinball-centric game hall to one of the best bars in the world. And while she's comfortable on the floor and behind the bar, her new venture with husband Perryn Wright is the kind of social study she's been after for years.

Des and Perryn opened Greenwood bar Teachers Lounge this past June, and with their fun drink specials and laid back attitude, it's easy to understand why patrons are eager to take a seat here.

For this month's Barkeepers column, Eater got a hall pass to hang with Des, finding out everything from which spirit lands her in detention, and the one she's embarrassed to admit she loves.



Started by a pair of industry vets, this 50-seater is serving cafeteria-inspired, or "Gastro-teria"-style, eats ranging from a mortadella "baloney" sandwich, to a sloppy joe on a baguette, and over a dozen signature 'tails, all in a space decked with a shton of grade school-ish touches, including Pee Chee folder menus, and blackboards full of history lessons and equations... both of which you can use to predict that next Summer's weather will probably be... sigh... average.